Want your brand to spread?- Find inner remarkability


As a marketer, you may be more interested in certain ideas or products than others.

What motivates people to share is the desire to look attractive, knowledgeable, important or universally attractive to their peers. Such sharing can increase awareness of community, identity and status. We call this social currency.

Remarkable things are unusual, extraordinary, and above all, worth mentioning. Needless to say, talking about excellence offers people a social currency because it makes them look interesting with their peers.

A great way to find inner remarkability is to show that your product is doing something completely extraordinary, unexpected or extreme. Surprised people, by breaking their expectations and no one will think of possible things.

For example, Blendtec, a blender company, has the most powerful motor in the industry. It offers the same commercial strength and quality as your favorite smoothie shop or restaurant. It launched a YouTube series called “will mix,” which has racked up more than 200 million views and 894 thousand subscribers.

Usually, a blender is used for mixing fruits, drinks, and other foods. So what does Blendtec do? It blends everyday objects, from iPhones to golf balls, into pure dust.


Watching this happen before your eyes certainly is remarkable. And, of course, people are surprised and then shared these video, until it succeed and spread to the world.


Author: I-Ching

I am an enthusiastic Master marketing student. :))

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