How much has social network changed society?


Here is a list of top 15 most popular social networking worldwide 2017. New social media sites are coming and going but these have stood the test of time.


Instagram announces 700 million users in their blog post.
Twitter has updated its active user numbers over a long time to 328 million
VK reached 95 million monthly active users
Reddit adds 16 million users and displays 250 million users on website.
Meetup reached 32.3 million users.

Facebook jumped by 60 million monthly active users from 1.94 billion in march 2017 to 2.01 billion as of June 30, 2017. The rate of growth seems to continue at 20 million active users per month. So, by the end of the year we should see 2.1 billion Facebook users



Needless to say, social media has forever changed the way society works, whether it’s the sharing of an idea, the communication of news, or the availability of a product or service. Society today is on the verge of a new way of existing that it’s never experienced before. No longer will people from one side of the world be really able to say that they will never see a person or communicate with someone from the other side of the world ever in their life. No longer will people not be able to share an idea, if they really want to share it (no matter how radical it may be or no matter how many people may disagree with it). No longer will the spreading of information or the expressing of an opinion be able to be completely silenced. As long as there is a person who wishes to express their opinion, share their music or art, or simply say hello to another human being in another country or culture, social media will allow them to do so.



Author: I-Ching

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3 thoughts on “How much has social network changed society?”

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  2. Good insight:) Social media has definitely changed the way we live our lives for sure. Like you’ve said, it allows people around the world to express themselves much easier but there is still a restriction in some countries where there isn’t freedom of speech. So it’s harder for them to voice out their opinions despite them wanting to do so. Nevertheless, I am thankful for the existence of social media.

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